Bespoke Medical Training

From Elite Air Ambulance Paramedics & Doctors

Real-World Expertise in Trauma and Resuscitation
– Proven Training from Crux Medical

You are a dedicated medical professional. You know the importance of being prepared for any emergency. But annual training often feels repetitive, led by instructors who haven’t faced the intensity of the real-world situations you might encounter.

Crux Medical can help. We’re a team of elite air ambulance paramedics and doctors who face emergencies head-on every day.


A team of healthcare professionals wearing masks and scrubs perform an emergency procedure on a pediatric patient in a clinical setting. The child is lying on a dental chair, and one practitioner is using a manual resuscitator mask to provide ventilation while another performs chest compressions. The scene appears to be a training or emergency response scenario in a dental clinic.

Ensure your practice is compliant. Complete mandatory recertification courses for dental & GP staff at Crux Medical.

A person lies on the ground with a distressed expression, a severe cut across their neck, and blood pooling beneath them. They are wearing a white t-shirt stained with blood. The image suggests a traumatic or catastrophic injury.

One day courses with Crux Medical in ‘Major Trauma’, ‘Resuscitation’, ‘Cardiology’ and ‘Management of the Deteriorating Patient’ 

people knwlt on the floor practising CPr on a dummy

High-Risk Trauma Training. Bespoke modules for haemorrhage & trauma in high-risk areas. Train your staff with Crux Medical.

Two paramedics in red and black uniforms attend to an injured girl on a stretcher. One paramedic is giving her oxygen using a manual resuscitator, while the other is preparing a defibrillator. The girl has a visible leg injury and is secured to the stretcher with orange straps. The scene takes place outdoors, indicating an emergency medical response.

QUALSAFE accredited courses including basic life support, first aid at work, emergency first aid at work, FREC3 and others

Real-World Relevance: Our courses are designed and delivered by those who live and breathe emergency medicine. We don’t just teach protocols – we share the battle-tested strategies honed from countless critical situations.

Tailored Training: We understand every environment has unique needs. Whether you require mandatory annual training or specialist trauma courses, we customise our programs to perfectly suit your team.

Confidence to Act: Our instructors don’t just impart knowledge, they inspire confidence. You’ll leave our training feeling empowered and equipped to handle any emergency with skill and composure.

Ready to take your trauma skills to the next level?

Be the difference in an emergency. Be prepared. Choose Crux Medical.

Paramedics attend to an injured girl lying on the ground. One paramedic supports her head while the other prepares medical equipment from an orange bag. The girl, wearing a pink shirt and gray pants, has visible scrapes on her arm and appears unconscious. The scene suggests an emergency response to an accident or injury outdoors.
Paramedics examining injured girl on street
A lifeguard wearing a watch checks the pulse of a person lying on the ground. The lifeguard uses a pulse oximeter on the person's finger, who is wearing red shorts and a black strap across their chest, possibly for stabilization. The scene appears to be on a beach, indicating a possible emergency or medical situation.
Close-up cropped photo of a Lifeguard checking the pulse of a patient
Blonde female medic attending patient in the back of an ambulance
Young doctor with stetoscope listening patient heart and lungs.


Crux Medical has recently gained recognition as a Qualsafe Registered Centre. This means that, as well as designing and delivering bespoke trauma and medical courses, we are able to deliver a range of fully accredited First Aid courses including Basic Life Support and AED, First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at work for adults and children.

Experienced Paramedic and First Aid Instructor with Over 20 Years of Expertise

With over 20 years of experience as a paramedic, including a decade on one of the busiest air ambulances in the UK, I have provided critical care to thousands of patients in challenging conditions. My extensive background includes teaching first aid to a diverse audience, from elite soldiers and Royal Physicians to local Cubs units, across the globe.

At Crux, I am part of a high-caliber team dedicated to delivering the highest possible standards of first aid training. I am passionate about working with our diverse mix of students and sharing my knowledge to help others save lives

Instructor: Christian Wiggin MSc PGCE DipIMC BEcon CF