Experts in Trauma and Resuscitation

Crux Medical: Leading First Aid Training Company for Resuscitiation, Major Trauma and Bleed Management

Crux Medical is a unique first aid training company specialising in life support, major trauma and bleed management training. We offer comprehensive courses in basic and intermediate life support, as well as first aid at work programs. Our training is designed for medical professionals and teams exposed to high-risk environments.

Our modules are delivered by highly experienced, internationally recognised air ambulance paramedics and doctors from across the UK.

Life Support Courses For Medical Professionals

Manditory Basic and Intermediate Life Support Courses for GP and Dental Practices

Major Bleeding and Trauma Modules

Includes modules in ‘Catastrophic Bleeding Management’ and ‘Major Trauma’

Specialist Courses for Pre-Hospital Professionals

A series of 1 day courses in ‘Major Trauma’, ‘Resuscitation’, ‘Cardiology’ and ‘Management of the Deteriorating Patient’

Basic Life Support & First Aid at Work

Basic Life Support & First Aid at Work courses

Crux Medical has recently gained recognition as a Qualsafe Registered Centre. This means that, as well as designing and delivering bespoke trauma and medical courses, we are able to deliver a range of fully accredited First Aid courses including Basic Life Support and AED, First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at work for adults and children.

Experienced Paramedic and First Aid Instructor with Over 20 Years of Expertise

With over 20 years of experience as a paramedic, including a decade on one of the busiest air ambulances in the UK, I have provided critical care to thousands of patients in challenging conditions. My extensive background includes teaching first aid to a diverse audience, from elite soldiers and Royal Physicians to local Cubs units, across the globe.

At Crux, I am part of a high-caliber team dedicated to delivering the highest possible standards of first aid training. I am passionate about working with our diverse mix of students and sharing my knowledge to help others save lives

Instructor: Christian Wiggin MSc PGCE DipIMC BEcon CF

Click here to visits Christian YouTube channel with interviews and video logs with paramedics from across the world


Expert Team Specialising in Emergency Care, Critical Care, Anaesthetics, Trauma, Remote Health Care, and Equipment Innovation

Our team comprises experts in Emergency Care, Critical Care, Anaesthetics, Trauma, Remote Health Care, and Equipment Innovation. We focus on delivering high-quality advice and training in two main areas:

Medical Training:

  • Life Support Courses for Medical Professionals
  • Major Bleeding and Trauma Modules
  • Specialist Courses for Pre-Hospital Professionals
  • Basic Life Support and First Aid at Work Courses


  • Comprehensive Medical Consultancy Services

We are committed to helping you improve the level of medical care you provide, whether it is for yourself, your colleagues, friends, or patients. We look forward to collaborating with individuals dedicated to enhancing their medical skills and knowledge.

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