Basic Life Support and First Aid

The team at Crux are able to design and deliver Basic Life Support and First Aid at Work courses that are unique to you.

Crux hold the contract for teaching annual Basic Life Support Courses to the staff of the Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry and several private dental practices in the South West. These courses comply with the British Dental Association requirements and also local need. In addition Crux provides annual Medical Emergency awareness training to all Dental students in the region.

“The team at Crux provide annual BLS recertification to our dental team at Mill St Dental surgery. The training is entertaining, interactive and practically based. The team delivering it are practicing clinicians who have many years experience in delivering pre-hospital care. They have given us real confidence in our own abilities as well as valued advice on training records and equipment. We can’t recommend them highly enough!” Dr Rob Evans, Medical Lead at Mill St Dental Practice

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