This is a series of courses designed to equip those who are exposed to high levels of risk with the tools to manage worst case scenarios. Each of these courses is taught by pre-hospital medical experts who have many years experience of managing catastrophic injuries. Each course can be uniquely tailored to the requirements of the individual.

Module 1: Catastrophic Bleeding Management (3 hours)

Bleeding. (3 hours) Designed for those operating machinery or equipment that has the potential to cause sharp injury and major bleeding. The course covers the use of tourniquets, pressure dressing and the use of haemostat dressing all used to manage arterial and serious venous bleeding.

Module 2: Major Trauma Management (1 day)

This course has been created to enable individuals involved in high risk activities to identify, stabilise and begin treatment of those who have suffered significant injury. Course content includes kinematics of trauma, patient assessment catastrophic haemorrhage management, effective airway management and splinting. It also covers contemporary theoretical principles.

Module 3: Motorcycle Trauma (1 day)

This is a specialist 1 day course designed for those clients who ride. Specifically exploring the management of motorcycle related trauma, including scene management, patient assessment, helmet removal, airway management, bleeding management and splinting.

Module 4: Airway Management (1 Day)

A one day course covering the assessment and management of challenging airway emergencies in the Pre-Hospital environment. This course is primarily aimed at Emergency Service Personnel who are dispatched to pre-hospital medical emergencies and will be orientated specifically around your scope of practice and the kit you might carry. Each of the course tutors will be experienced helicopter emergency medical personnel who have have huge experience in this area.