Medical Consultancy

At Crux Medical, we understand the importance of a safe and healthy work environment. Our team of experienced medical professionals brings a wealth of expertise in risk assessment, medical planning, and solution design to help you minimise workplace medical risks.

Our Experience:

  • Proven track record of assessing risk and designing effective solutions.
  • Extensive experience supporting medical planning for high-profile events like the London Olympic Games and international sporting events.
  • Expertise in providing medical planning and risk management for industrial sites.
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How We Can Help You:

  • Medical Plan Development: We collaborate with you to build a comprehensive medical plan tailored to your specific workplace needs.
  • Equipment Expertise: Our team can advise you on the selection and procurement of specialist emergency medical equipment, ensuring you have the right resources on hand.
  • Training Needs Assessment: We identify the most relevant medical training requirements for your workforce, empowering them to respond effectively in emergencies.
  • Risk Management Planning: We work with you to develop a robust risk management plan, proactively mitigating potential medical risks in your workplace.
  • Hazard Identification Mapping: Our team assists you in identifying and mapping potential workplace hazards, allowing for targeted risk mitigation strategies.

Our Commitment to Your Success:

At Crux Medical, we are dedicated to providing you with the expertise and resources you need to create a safe and secure work environment. If there’s a specific medical concern we can’t directly address, our extensive network allows us to connect you with the right resources to ensure your needs are met.

Contact Crux Medical today to discuss your workplace medical consultancy needs and take a proactive approach to employee safety.