Bespoke Major Haemorrhage And Trauma Modules

Are you exposed to high-risk environments? Whether you work with heavy machinery, participate in extreme sports, or are a first responder, being prepared for the worst-case scenario is crucial. Crux Medical’s Bespoke Major Haemorrhage And Trauma Modules equip you with the essential skills to manage critical situations effectively.

Our Bespoke Major Haemorrhage And Trauma Modules:

  • Catastrophic Bleeding Management: Learn to control life-threatening bleeding through tourniquets, pressure dressings, and hemostatic agents. (3 hours)
  • Major Trauma Management: Gain in-depth knowledge of trauma assessment, haemorrhage control, airway management, splinting techniques, and theoretical principles for handling complex injuries. (1 day)
  • Motorcycle Trauma Management: This specialised course equips riders with the skills to manage scene management, patient assessment, helmet removal, airway control, bleeding control, and splinting specific to motorcycle accidents. (1 day)
  • Airway Management in Pre-Hospital Environments: Designed for emergency service personnel, this course focuses on assessing and managing challenging airway emergencies, tailored to your specific scope of practice and available equipment. Delivered by experienced helicopter emergency medical personnel. (1 day)
Two people lie on the ground next to and under a white SUV in a wooded area.

A group of six emergency responders in green and orange uniforms stand outdoors in a line, smiling.

Why Choose Crux Medical?

  • Expert-Led Instruction: Our courses are taught by battle-tested pre-hospital medical experts with extensive experience in managing catastrophic injuries. You’ll learn from the best, gaining real-world insights and practical skills.
  • Tailored Training: One-size-fits-all doesn’t apply here. We customize each course to meet your specific needs and environment. Whether you’re a construction worker, a motorcycle rider, or an emergency responder, we’ll ensure you have the targeted knowledge and skills to excel.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: We offer a range of specialised modules covering essential high-risk scenarios, including:

Immersive Simulation: Go beyond theory and test your skills to build confidence under pressure.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and learn more about how Crux Medical can teach you to take control in high-risk situations.


A team of healthcare professionals wearing masks and scrubs perform an emergency procedure on a pediatric patient in a clinical setting. The child is lying on a dental chair, and one practitioner is using a manual resuscitator mask to provide ventilation while another performs chest compressions. The scene appears to be a training or emergency response scenario in a dental clinic.

Ensure your practice is compliant. Complete mandatory recertification courses for dental & GP staff at Crux Medical.

A person lies on the ground with a distressed expression, a severe cut across their neck, and blood pooling beneath them. They are wearing a white t-shirt stained with blood. The image suggests a traumatic or catastrophic injury.

One day courses with Crux Medical in ‘Major Trauma’, ‘Resuscitation’, ‘Cardiology’ and ‘Management of the Deteriorating Patient’ 

people knwlt on the floor practising CPr on a dummy

High-Risk Trauma Training. Bespoke modules for haemorrhage & trauma in high-risk areas. Train your staff with Crux Medical.

Two paramedics in red and black uniforms attend to an injured girl on a stretcher. One paramedic is giving her oxygen using a manual resuscitator, while the other is preparing a defibrillator. The girl has a visible leg injury and is secured to the stretcher with orange straps. The scene takes place outdoors, indicating an emergency medical response.

QUALSAFE accredited courses including basic life support, first aid at work, emergency first aid at work, FREC3 and others