Prehospital Masterclass Courses

Boost your expertise and confidence in handling major trauma incidents with Crux Medical’s Prehospital Masterclass Courses. These one day courses are designed for pre-hospital clinicians seeking to advance their skills, this program provides a safe and intensive learning environment through simulation-based training.

Prehospital Masterclass Courses:

  • Major Trauma Management: This one-day program utilises simulation to enhance proficiency in managing complex trauma scenarios.
  • Management of the Deteriorating Patient: simulation-based course to refine decision-making and leadership in managing critically ill patients.
  • Resuscitation Masterclass: Through a safe and challenging environment, participants hone their skills in managing complex cardiac emergencies.
Emergency medical team providing first aid outdoors.

Two workers wearing safety vests and helmets are providing first aid to a person lying on the ground at a construction site. One worker performs chest compressions while the other assists.

Our unique, hands-on approach allows you to:

  • Practice critical decision-making in high-pressure situations.
  • Develop proficiency in managing complex trauma scenarios.
  • Refine your skills in team leadership, resource allocation, and teamwork.

The program focuses on:

  • Mental modeling: Develop strategies to approach trauma scenarios systematically.
  • Owning the scene (team leadership): Master effective leadership skills for managing a trauma scene.
  • Teamwork: Enhance collaboration and communication within your team.
  • Resource allocation: Prioritise resources effectively for optimal patient care.
  • Decision making: Make critical decisions quickly and efficiently under pressure.
a number of people in a circle plaging hands together in the middle as a gesture of togetherness and solidarity

Medical training dummy with a mask lies next to a yellow training defibrillator unit on a wooden floor.

Key Features:

  • Intensive one-day training: Maximise your learning in a focused program.
  • Simulation-heavy course: Gain practical experience through realistic scenarios.
  • Safe learning environment: Practice critical skills without real-world risks.
  • Focus on major trauma incidents: Develop expertise in handling complex trauma cases.
  • Confidence and proficiency building: Gain the assurance to excel in real-world emergencies.

Why Choose Prehospital Masterclass Courses?

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from highly experienced pre-hospital clinicians.
  • Realistic Simulations: Engage in practical scenarios replicating real-world emergencies.
  • Skill Enhancement: Push your abilities to new heights and refine existing skills.
  • Confidence Building: Gain the assurance needed to make critical decisions in high-pressure situations.
person practicing bls on a baby dummy

Ready to take your trauma management abilities to the next level?

Contact us today about Crux Medical’s Major Trauma Management Training Day and gain the confidence and skills to excel in real-world emergencies.


A team of healthcare professionals wearing masks and scrubs perform an emergency procedure on a pediatric patient in a clinical setting. The child is lying on a dental chair, and one practitioner is using a manual resuscitator mask to provide ventilation while another performs chest compressions. The scene appears to be a training or emergency response scenario in a dental clinic.

Ensure your practice is compliant. Complete mandatory recertification courses for dental & GP staff at Crux Medical.

A person lies on the ground with a distressed expression, a severe cut across their neck, and blood pooling beneath them. They are wearing a white t-shirt stained with blood. The image suggests a traumatic or catastrophic injury.

One day courses with Crux Medical in ‘Major Trauma’, ‘Resuscitation’, ‘Cardiology’ and ‘Management of the Deteriorating Patient’ 

people knwlt on the floor practising CPr on a dummy

High-Risk Trauma Training. Bespoke modules for haemorrhage & trauma in high-risk areas. Train your staff with Crux Medical.

Two paramedics in red and black uniforms attend to an injured girl on a stretcher. One paramedic is giving her oxygen using a manual resuscitator, while the other is preparing a defibrillator. The girl has a visible leg injury and is secured to the stretcher with orange straps. The scene takes place outdoors, indicating an emergency medical response.

QUALSAFE accredited courses including basic life support, first aid at work, emergency first aid at work, FREC3 and others