Christian Wiggin MSc DipIMC (RCSEd) PGCE BEcon CF

Christian is the owner of Crux Medical. As a Critical Care Paramedic with over 20 years experience of leadership, training and front-line Paramedic experience, Christian has spent the last 8 years working in Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) teams. Christian began teaching Paramedics in 2008 and has since taught a wide range of people from across the world.


Glyn is one of the few Consultant Cardiologists in the UK dual trained in Pre-Hospital Critical Care. Glyn has worked for a number of years alongside Christian on one of the countries busiest Air Ambulance teams. As a world class clinician and charismatic teacher Glyn holds an impressive professional and academic track record and is an integral part of the team.

Crux have access to a number of Specialist Paramedics and Doctors from across the country. Each of these is carefully chosen for their teaching capability and clinical experience.